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Making EU copyright rules fit for the digital age

European Commission logoCommission takes first steps to broaden access to online content and outlines its vision to modernise EU copyright rules

Delivering on its Digital Single Market strategy, the Commission today presents a proposal to allow Europeans to travel with their online content and an action plan to modernise EU copyright rules.
At present, Europeans travelling within the EU may be cut off from online services providing films, sports broadcasts, music, e-books or games that they have paid for in their home country. Today's proposed Regulation on the cross-border portability of online content services addresses these restrictions in order to allow EU residents to travel with the digital content they have purchased or subscribed to at home. Cross-border portability, a new EU right for consumers, is expected to be a reality in 2017, the same year as the end of roaming charges in the EU (press release). Since it is a proposal for a Regulation, once adopted it will be directly applicable in all 28 EU Member States.
In addition, the Commission today outlines its vision of a modern EU copyright framework. This "political preview" will be translated into legislative proposals and policy initiatives in the next six months, taking into account all inputs from several public consultations.
Overall, the Commission wants to make sure that Europeans can access a wide legal offer of content, while ensuring that authors and other rights holders are better protected and fairly remunerated. The key sectors of education, culture, research and innovation will also benefit from a more modern and European framework.
I look forward to a new copyright proposals in the spring  and what the consequences are for libraries.

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EU-ophavsret til den digitale tidsalder

European Commission logoKommissionen tager de første skridt til at give bedre adgang til onlineindhold og opstiller vision om at gøre EU’s regler om ophavsret mere tidssvarende

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