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Goodbye #ALAAC15 - Closing General Session

It has been a great experience at #ALAAC15 and I hope to participate again some time  in the future. Now we will experience the spectacular closing session - and then we will hop on a plane and return to Copenhagen for 24 hours and digest all the impressions. The Closing General Session is a not-to-miss event, where current ALA President Courtney L. Young will pass the gavel to the 2015-2016 ALA President Sari Feldman and introduce the new Division Presidents.  Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Robbie Robertson and Caldecott Honor-winner ( No, David! ) David Shannon will talk about their new book,  Hiawatha and the Peacemaker . Written in a lyrical voice and paired with arresting oil paintings, the book is bound to both fascinate and educate your young students and patrons about Native American history. Robertson was the lead guitarist and primary songwriter of the legendary musical group The Band. Born of Mohawk and Cayuga descent, he learned the story of Hiawatha and his

International Librarians Reception #ALAAC15 - opportunity to network

Steen B Andersen, Denmark, Katherina Lee,  Singapore and I at the reception There are people from more than 80 countries at the ALA Annual Conferenc. The last event for all of us are the International Librarians Reception. From Denmark we were four participants in the reception, and we experienced a festive evening with 581 others from around the world. It is also the only event I have experienced at this great American Conference, which has been served alcoholic beverages. Here was beyond great cuisine also both the opportunity to get beer and wine. It's probably because there attending a many Europeans at the reception, and we have a tradition of serving alcohol to larger gatherings at conferences, or maybe it's just a prejudice. I don't think it only was the alkohol who created the good atmosphere, but all the open and happy participants who have experienced four inspiring days. Cozy, it was This reception offers a unique opportunity to network with

Library as Center for Innovation and Secure In A Post-Snowden World #ALAAC15

If I had all the time in the world I would be in several places at the same time. And I probability would have a thicker red line in my personal program for ALA. But I is based on how libraries can use technology to benefit citizens. I will when the conference is over write a comprehensive article on I found the thin red line in my program. Meet me at  twitter  @ saintmichels  or  Facebook     or  follow  the conference hastag  #ALAAC15 I'll try to get around; Public Library as Center for Innovation In an age of information abundance, libraries can re-define themselves as anything from community living room to hands on lab to business center, and everything in between. Why not a Center for Innovation? Library users need spaces that support learning in digital literacy, visual literacy, cultural literacy, and spark innovation on every level. Hear from library designers and library leaders as they discuss innovative programs being tested and the buildings and s

Højesteret tillader homo-ægteskaber over hele USA #ALAAC15

Det som fylder absolut mest i den amerikanske offentlighed i disse dage er at højesteret i går tillod homo-ægteskaber over hele USA. Det sætter naturligt nok også sit præg på en konference som den vi deltager i, specielt i en så liberal organisation som ALA og netop i en by som San Fransisco, der har et meget stort gay community. Formanden for Danmarks Biblioteksforening og jeg er også blevet påvirket af stemningen, så vi har også besluttet at skilte med vores solidaritet. Iøvrigt er det også blevet en stor kommerciel begivenhed. Her er 845 firmaer der udstiller og pludselig er der regnbuer i mange af deres logoer. Men ikke kun på vores konference udvises solidariteten med LGBT folket også firmaer som Mastercard og udskiftet deres logo. Mon det kun er solidaritet eller kommunikation med et købedygtigt publikum?  Nevermind, lad os glæde os over dommen og flette fingre i solidaritet

Open libraries - without staff ............. all the time

Do you know this when you visit the library? The experience is no longer as common in Denmark North Beach: San Francisco Public Library   yesterday at 9:55 am When I as a Dane participant in such a big event like IFLA or the ALA Annual Meeting is one of the questions we often get; is it true that in Denmark the libraries are open without staff?  The answer I give is; no, we do not have libraries without staff, but we have libraries that are open even when the staff is not there. More than half of all public libraries in Denmark are now "open libraries" In Denmark, all the libraries is free to use, In the way, that all the basis services are free of charge for the public. In Denmark almost all the Libraries are funded by tax. The libraries are obligated to make all kinds of materials available, both physical and digital. Not just books.  See  New e-book deals between all danish publishers and the public libraries in Denmark We have 98 municipalities a

Exploring Cultural Intelligence CQ #ALAAC15 and The Green Bicycle

In the US starts work day often much earlier than in Europe. For example, it is not unusual to conferences such as ALA Annual Conference starts at 7.30 in the morning. However, I am a little surprised that the program this Saturday starts at 6:30 - And as I am from Europe, I hope it's ok, I meet at 8am - It's saturday for christ's sake You've heard of IQ and EQ, but what about CQ?  This morning I start out with CQ . It´s a topic I know nothing about, but it seems really interesting and I will certainly examine more about CQ as a concept and the research on the topic. See artikels about  Cultural Intelligence In the program they describes it as: Cultural Intelligence (CQ) refers to our ability to function effectively across national, ethnic, and even organizational cultural boundaries. Cultural Intelligence involves four interdependent capabilities: Knowledge, Motivation, Interpretation, and Behavior. Improving our CQ makes us better communic

Conference programs grown into phonebook size - 352-page #ALAAC15

After flying for 12 hours, we are now in San Francisco and redy for  ALA Annual Conference . We have been registered and ready to start the inspiring program. See  Verdens mest inspirerende informations- og bibliotekskonference - ALA Annual Conference #ALAAC15  (danish)  This year it has grown into phonebook size. 352-page program ....( explanation for the young ones:  a phone book is a paper book from the old days where you had printed all names and phone numbers in the area) See it yourself  here I just think we spend a couple of hours to put crosses at what we find most exciting.  While we are waiting for today's main event See my  twitter   or the conference hastag  #ALAAC15 Opening General Session with Special Keynote Speaker Roberta Kaplan opens the conference on a high note as part of the conference's Opening General Session, where the ALA President and others welcome you to ALA Annual Conference and set the stage for the coming days. Roberta Kaplan

Verdens mest inspirerende informations- og bibliotekskonference - ALA Annual Conference #ALAAC15

For 6 år siden deltog jeg for første gang i verdens største informations- og bibliotekskonference ALA Annual Conference i Chicargo med 20.000 deltagere . Jeg var ærlig talt rystende nervøs for jeg var nyansat i Danmarks Biblioteksforening og jeg skulle holde oplæg om Redefining the Library in Political Context ... hvor jeg skulle fortælle om hvordan vi i Danmark tænker biblioteket som et politisk projekt, der skal styrke og understøtte demokratiet via adgang til information, læring og kulturel aktivitet, også når det bliver digitalt. Det gik nu ok, og gudskelov var den kun en promille af alle deltagerne der mødte op til netop min event, så vi fik en god debat som godt nok mest kom til at handle om Muhammed tegningerne, men det var ligesom det Danmarks var kendt for overthere . Jeg har haft mulighed for at deltage nogle gange siden og det står for mig som noget af det mest inspirerende jeg har oplevet i min faglige verden. Også nogle af de mest bevægende øjeblikke har det berige

Sustainable development requires free and equal access to information - post-2015 United Nations

Over the past year IFLA has been working with the international library community to develop its position and help ensure that crucial elements such as access to information are included in the  UN post-2015 Development Agenda . Throughout this process, it is important that libraries are seen as being part of the conversation. In Danish Library Association we  also  has worked actively to get "access to information" with the UN post-15 goals. We have written to all the Danish UN delegates, central Danish politicians and officials.   We also have translated the  Lyon Declaration  to danish Læs den på dansk , oversat for Danmarks Biblioteksforening. Status from IFLA are that after many months of negotiations following the conclusion of the United Nations Open Working Group ( OWG ) report on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN has now issued a  Zero Draft  which will form the basis for discussion during the UN Summit on the post2015 Development Agenda in Se

Dannelse og uddannelse i grænselandet til debat #FMDK

Er biblioteker et sted, hvor dannelse skabes? og for hvem? Hvor demokratisk medborgerskab fordres? Øger biblioteker læselysten, og motiverer de til uddannelse? Hvis ja, har vi da råd til, de ikke er gratis? Anke Spoorendonk er dansktalende Justits-, Kultur-, og Europaminister i Slesvig-Holsten.   Michel Steen Hansen, direktør for Danmarks Biblioteksforening og Morten Hesseldahl, Teaterchef for det Kongelige Teater og moderator  Nina von Lachmann Steensen Der var nogle af spørgsmålene da Dansk Centralbibliotek for Sydslesvig havde dækket op til debat på folkemødet. Anledningen var at den Slesvig Holstenske Justits-, Kultur-, og Europaminister  Anke Spoorendonk er ved at forberede delstatens første bibliotekslov. Ankes mærkesager er gratis tyske biblioteker, efter dansk model. Hun lagde ud med at forsætte sine visioner og efterlyste erfaringer og goderåd fra den norslige side af grænsen, hvor vi har haft en bibliotekslov siden 1920.  Så var der ellers lagt op til


I dag star den på BIBLIOTEKERNE I KRYDSFELTET MELLEM INDIVID OG FÆLLESSKAB Konferencen sætter fokus på bibliotekernes rolle for styrkelsen af fællesskab, relationer og social kapital. Bibliotekerne oplever en stigende interesse fra brugerne for at mødes i fysiske fællesskaber - og biblioteksrummet danner i højere og højere grad ramme om aktiviteter af alle slags. Hvordan kan bibliotekerne fortsat støtte den udvikling og samtidig være proaktiv i forhold til de muligheder for fællesskaber, som den digitale verden giver? Konferencen er også en anledning til ud fra dagens input at drøfte dine anbefalinger til en fremtidig biblioteksstrategi. Som noget nyt kan du følge konferencen live fra kl. 10.00 ved at følge Kulturstyrelsen på Twitter ( @Kulturstyrelsen ). Husk at downloade app'en Periscope. Du kan også finde det via hashtagget  #ksbib15 Det er Kulturstyrelsen der under den fælles overskrift ’ Folkebibliotekerne i den digitale verden ’ holder tre heldagskonferencer om fremtid

Folkemøde 1:1 – verdens mindst folkemøde #FMDK

Politisk debat kan være andet end to kamphaner der er castet til at skabe konflikt, med en moderator der sætter konflikten i fokus. Det kan også være en demokratisk samtale mellem to, der ønsker at opnå et fælles resultat. Den side af demokratiet prøver vi at vise og fremme. I en tid, hvor folkemødet står for skud for vokseværk, manglende folkelighed  og utryghed åbnes dørene nu til verdens mindste folkemøde, sådan skriver Tænketanken Fremtidens Biblioteker. Fredag d.12. Juni omdannes et knapt 2 m2 tomandstelt til et levende rum for dialog hvor alt ‐ ifølge bagmændene Banko ‐ er muligt. Alt kan ske, og alt skal ske. Succeskriteriet i sig selv er, at det sker, og at dialogen finder sted. Med projektet "Folkemøde 1:1” inviterer Bibliotekernes telt og kunstnerduoen Banko alle til at komme helt tæt på den demokratiske dialog. I et tomandstelt afholdes verdens mindste folkemøde, hvor én borger og én beslutningstager af gangen mødes under 4 øjne. Indtil videre har bl.a. bor