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Sustainable development requires free and equal access to information - post-2015 United Nations

Over the past year IFLA has been working with the international library community to develop its position and help ensure that crucial elements such as access to information are included in the UN post-2015 Development Agenda. Throughout this process, it is important that libraries are seen as being part of the conversation.

In Danish Library Association we  also has worked actively to get "access to information" with the UN post-15 goals. We have written to all the Danish UN delegates, central Danish politicians and officials.   We also have translated the Lyon Declaration to danish
Læs den på dansk, oversat for Danmarks Biblioteksforening.
Status from IFLA are that after many months of negotiations following the conclusion of the United Nations Open Working Group (OWG) report on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN has now issued a Zero Draft which will form the basis for discussion during the UN Summit on the post2015 Development Agenda in September this year.

Access to information remains within the Zero Draft and many opportunities for public access institution arise within the Draft. IFLA has taken a critical look at the proposed text and has submitted additions we think should be added. These additions reflect the aims of the members as well as the aims of the signatories to the Lyon Declaration.

Read: IFLA's response to the Zero Draft

IFLA encourage continued once more to take action  and contact your Ministries, engage with the creation of your National Development Plans and ensure that access to information and the skills libraries provide are firmly rooted within these plans. 

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