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Open to Change: Open Source and Next Generation ILS and ERMS - ALA Washington 6

Today I was to a workshop about Open Source.
  • “Join us in thinking outside the out-of-the-box, proprietary ILS or ERM as the
    members of this panel discuss the latest developments in open source library
    applications. Although much attention has been paid to the promise of
    open source and new technologies for the OPAC, this panel will shed light on
    how next-generation technology, open source projects, and the widespread
    sharing of home-grown solutions can help change the game in acquisitions
    and e-resource management.
    Speakers: Galadriel Chilton, University of Wisconsin La Crosse, Electronic
    Resources Librarian; Bill Erickson, Equinox Software, VP of Software Development
    & Integration; Joshua Ferraro, LibLime, CEO; Robert H. McDonald,
    Indiana University, Associate Dean for Library Technologies & Executive Director,
    Kuali OLE”

I will specifically, highlight Bill Erickson from Equinox Software
He was talking about open source library systems.
On their website, they tell “Equinox Software unites the designers and developers of open source ILS software, advancing the future of library technology.
Equinox Software employs core developers from both the Evergreen and Koha ILS projects — no one knows open source library software like we do. We provide the resources and answers you need, right from the source. Migration, project management, 24-hour support, consulting, system hosting, and customized software development are just a few of our solutions."

What are the advantages of Open Source?
• Truly open source software products are free.
• There is a diverse community which provides support and shares documentation or best practices.
• Open source communities value individuals and encourage feedback and participation.
• Due to the community input and early/often release schedules, it can have fewer bugs than closed source.
• It is often more responsive to innovation.

It is an interesting that there are developed so many open source systems for libraries, but look you self on: http://esilibrary.com/esi/


Also Robert H. McDonald, (Indiana University, Associate Dean for Library Technologies & Executive Director,Kuali OLE”) made a interesting paper

I probably not understood all his technical points, but you can see his blog on http://www.educause.edu/Community/MemDir/Profiles/RobertHMcDonald/47378

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