onsdag den 2. juni 2010

Nordic Library Associations meeting 3.- 4. June 2010 in Reykjavík

in the next days I will participate in Nordic Library Associations meeting in Reykjavík

The Agenda:

9:00 Welcome & presentations of participants

1. Rapports
Short rapports from each library association on conferences and other arrangements and activities.

2. Library politic
Plans and decisions made by Nordic governments influencing the library world

3. IFLA topics

· GB decisions in April,

· Plans to change the WLIC,

· The IFLA Presidential Meeting and the MLAS workshop and meeting in Stellenbosch 17.-20.2.

· IFLA WLIC in Gothenburg in August 2010,

· IFLA WLIC 2012 in Helsinki preparations

· Other IFLA matters...

12:00 – 13:30 Lunch

4. Joint activities:

The joint international affairs of the Nordic Library Associations discussed in Oslo – status and projects.

5. Copyright
The copyright meeting in Oslo in Feb 2010 - what is next in the copyright


6. Open access
Following up on the Open Access movement

17:00 End of first day´s meeting.

Agenda: Friday 4. June


EBLIDA Council meeting and seminar in Helsinki 6.-7.5. – Outcome and results of the meeting there? What next in the European library policy?

8. Miscellaneous

· Time and place for next meeting in 2011


12:00 Lunch

15:00 End of meeting

At the meeting we will propose that the next Nordic meeting be held in Denmark 2011

21st – 22st June 2011 in Aarhus

The Danish Library Association will in collaboration with the Danish Research Library Association and the school library association, arrange a half day's conference on libraries various forms of organization in Scandinavia and our political lobbying. In cooperation with the Aarhus library that organize The Halmstad Conference next year 19th-21st June in Aarhus.

next library in 2011

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