lørdag den 26. juni 2010

Digital Activism - ALA Washington 4

Today I was to:
Participatory Democracy in an Internet Age

  • The 2008 elections were a potential watershed moment for the intersection of politics and the Internet. Candidates and voters connected in new ways reshaping campaign planning, discourse and politics. New mediumsof communication from the campaign trail, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other social networking tools may radically alter U.S. democratic institutions, including how Americans get information about and interact with public officials. Learn how the Internet is transforming participation in the political process.
    Speakers: Julie Barko Germany, George Washington University, Director, Institute
    for Politics, Democracy & the Internet; David Karpf, Brown University,
    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Taubman Center for Public Policy

I will specifically, highlight David Karpf for his points about how the Internet is transforming our media and political institutions – and how is affects the political organization.

He has written a book about Digital Activism. An excerpt from his book in Digital Activism Decoded is available on the meta-activismsite. The chapter is titled “Measuring the Success of Digital Campaigns” and is written for an audience of digital activism practitioners rather than academics (translation: very little literature review + some relatable personal stories from my days as an environmental organizer, he writes on his website ).

The whole book is available for free download at meta-activism.org.

You can se more about him on http://davidkarpf.com/

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