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Developing Information Services with User Experience Design 4 #ALA11

Today I will start a little late to the conference (10PM) but it's Sunday;-). Yesterday I was in a world of Semantic Web, Open Source Integrated Library Systems and a lot of e-books I will write more about that later, at American Library Association Annual Conference in New Orleans

I will start going to a workshop on

It’s All About Them: Developing Information Services with User Experience Design
Applying User Experience (UX) Design to your library’s public services involves understanding your patrons’ needs and preferences. In this session, expert panelists John Blyberg (Darien Library), Cody Hansen (University of Minnesota) and Jenny Benevento (Sears Holding Corporation) will define UX design and explain why it’s important, discuss how it can help improve patrons’ overall experience of library resources and services, and describe how it can be implemented in library and information service settings. With practical tips and examples, you’ll be well-equipped to consider UX issues in your own library.
Speakers: Jenny Benevento, Sears Holding Corporation; John Blyberg, Darien Library; Cody Hanson, University of Minnesota

and then

What’s Cooking @ ALA” Cooking stage

The new item on the program this year, as I wrote about yesterday is

The “What’s Cooking @ ALA” Cooking stage will showcase a variety of chefs and authors. Chefs will be heating up the exhibit floor with fantastic displays of the latest cookbooks. Chefs will be there every day to prepare the hottest recipes and to autograph their latest books….today it’s

Hungry Town & New Orleans Food -

Tom Fitzmorris

Famed New Orleans Food critic Tom Fitzmorris uses his bestselling books Hungry Town and Tom Fitzmorris’s New Orleans Food to frame the New Orleans restaurant scene and how easily it brushed off the effects of Katrina and the BP oil spill to reach its highest point, in both quality and numbers, in history. He’ll explain how New Orleans food is the last bastion of eating with your heart, instead of with your head, and give examples of great New Orleans eateries. Tom Fitzmorris writes several thousand words a day for The New

Copyright in Europe and Its Impact
A panel of renowned experts address the differences in American and European Copyright, the challenges of Copyright for e-materials, the essential facts American librarians should know of the European Copyright and European/American Copyright in the context of interlibrary loan.
Speakers: Olaf Eigenbrodt, University of Hamburg, Germany; Kevin Smith, Duke University; Dr. Harald Müller, Max Planck Institute, Germany

And then there is probably time for 3 more workshops during the day before we go out and have dinner with the other Danes who participate, from DBC

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