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American Library Association Annual Conference 3 #ALA11

It’s Saturday today and we are still to American Library Association 2011 Annual Conference in New Orleans http://alaannual.org/content/conference-overview.

At a conference of this size requires some planning to figure out what to participate in.

My plan for today looks so far like this:
(maybe it ends with something else during the day, as there are many exciting program items. I
will continue to write more about individual experiences, if they bring new excitingthings. Today, it’s for me the most about digital tools and e-books)

EBooks - Has Their Time Come?
The variety of eBooks, whether equipment such as a Kindle or online such as eLibrary, provides a many resources for learning as well as a variety of challenges for managing those resources. This session will address the differences in Kindles, Nooks, iPads, iPods, and online services. It will cover methods of checkout, security, loss, access to materials, cost, and financial implications. A Q&A will allow attendees to share their experiences.

Speaker: Dawn Nelson

Or (but at the same time)

Linked In: Library Data and the Semantic Web
The potential of the Semantic Web is fascinating, but it is hard to see how we transition out of MARC with so much legacy work and so much money tied up. Ross Singer and Eric Hellman will make the Semantic Web seem less futuristic

and more immediate to our profession with an informative discussion of how we can frame library data in a web-friendly way.

Speakers: Eric Hellman, Gluejar Inc.; Ross Singer, Talis Information, Ltd.

Open Source Integrated Library Systems in Consortia
Open source integrated library systems are no longer cutting-edge technology, but managing dozens of libraries on the same system is still a task left to a few brave souls. This program examines five consortia of varying size, type and complexity from Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Kansas, Michigan and Georgia, who are successfully using either Koha or Evergreen Open Source systems in a union catalog environment.

Speakers: Nora Blake, Massachusetts Library System; Tim Daniels, NA; Randy Dykhuis, Midwest Collaborative for Library Services; Valerie Horton, Colorado Library Consortium

What’s Cooking @ ALA” Cooking stage
A brand new item on the program this year is The “What’s Cooking @ ALA” Cooking stage will showcase a variety of chefs and authors. Chefs will be heating up the exhibit floor with fantastic displays of the latest cookbooks. Chefs will be there every day to prepare the hottest recipes and to autograph their latest books….

…. so I look forward to see, hear and taste

Cooking Favor ites from Teen Cuisine and Super chef Matthew Locricchio w/ Guest Chef Frank Brigtsen
Matthew Locricchio’s bestselling book Teen Cuisine features gourmet American recipes for these young, enthusiastic chefs. He is the author of the best-selling Superchef Series, The International Cookbook for Kids and The 2nd International Cookbook for Kids. He received the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best Book for Children and Family in USA and won the Disney Adventures Book Award in the “Hands-On” category. Raised in a family in the catering and restaurant business, he began preparing and enjoying home-cooked meals at an early age. You can find out more about Matthew Locricchio, including information about his books and programs, at his website, www.cookbooksandkids.com. Chef Locricchio will be joined by award winning Guest Chef Frank Brigtsen of Brigtsen’s restaurant in New Orleans. www.brigtsens.com

Reclaiming literacy in digital age
Libraries of all types have literacy, its promotion, and its advancement at the core of their mission. As information resources are found increasingly online, literacy has expanded beyond print to encompass information literacy, media literacy and, most recently, digital literacy. How are libraries responding to the “new” literacy? How will the role of libraries be developed and strengthened in the evolving digital literacy “ecosystem”? Panelists will tackle these topics and engage the audience in discussion.

The Future is Now! E-books and Their Increasing Impact on Library Services

Over the past 2 years e-books have become an important, but controversial part of library services. This program will focus on the increasing significance of e-books and their impact on libraries. The speakers will: (1) Provide an overview

of the current e-book landscape; (2) Address e-book devices, including technical support; (3) Highlight a successful library e-book program; and, (4) Explore the relationships between publishers and libraries.

Presenters: Tom Peters, CEO of TAP Information Services. Chris Harris, Coordinator of School Library Systems, Genesee Valley BOCES Jamie LaRue, Director, Douglas County (CO) Libraries Peter Brantley,Director of the Bookserver Project for the Internet Archive

Program Sponsor: ALA, Office for Information Technology Policy, E-book Task Force.

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