torsdag den 20. marts 2014

Biblioteksbrugere er gladere mennesker viser nye studier

I går kunne man læse om et interessant forskningsprojekt i TIME der viser at aktive biblioteksbrugere føler større tilhørsforhold til deres lokale samfund.

Men læs selv artiklen, det er interessant læsning

"A Pew study released Thursday has some good news for America’s libraries—namely that Americans seem to love them—but perhaps even better news for library users.

According to Pew, the more people are “engaged” with their public library, the more they tend to feel connected to their community as a whole. Conversely, unengaged people tend to have “fewer ties to their neighbors, lower feelings of personal efficacy [feeling empowered to change their community], and less engagement with other cultural activities.”

While the study does not purport to measure personal happiness, there’s a significant crossover between the traits of library users and traits of people who demonstrate higher levels of personal happiness: a sense of connectedness and empowerment in one’s community. Library users “are also more likely to say that they like their communities and that they would call their communities good or excellent places to live,” Pew Research Associate Kathryn Zickuhr told TIME.

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