mandag den 25. juni 2012

Political support for public libraries in Europa

Tuesday, 26 June, I'm in Brussels. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Libraries initiative and Bibnet has invited, because they interested in increasing political support for public libraries within the EU. Both the two organizations designed strategies to achieve that goal. They recognize that other entities have their own efforts to advocate for public libraries, either with the EU or at the national level based on EU policies, or have information and perspective that would be useful in advancing the public library agenda. 

I looking forward to participate in this meeting,  to discuss 
and share experiences about

  • Global Libraries’ analysis of how public libraries are helping or can help the EU, national, and local governments to achieve their policy objectives as outlined in the EU 2020 strategy, the seven EU Flagship Initiatives, and the Multi-Annual Financial Framework
  • Learn about others’ public library advocacy efforts, what has worked and what hasn’t 
  • Gather input on key messages and policy targets that would benefit public libraries 
  • Identify entities and individuals who would be interested in collaborating to advocate for public libraries to the EU 
  • Information gathered at this meeting will be used to inform an advocacy effort to build greater support for public libraries from the EU.  Potential collaboration and next steps will be identified.
I will talk about the Think Tank we just have launched in Denmark, with some of the same goal.
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  1. one Euro spent on a public library is not just a Euro spent on books – it is a targeted investment in the capacity of that community to access resources which build engagement, aspiration, productivity, inclusivity, employability and empowerment irrespective of age, gender or social background.