torsdag den 10. maj 2012

Threat to free access to information, are threat to democracy. #EBLIDA

At EBLIDA meeting in Copenhagen, the President Gerald Leitner mentioned:

"Libraries have to find ways to create and ensure attractive services in this new media environment and
ever changing market, while e-books will become increasingly relevant for libraries. But it appears that at the moment the acquisition policy may be decided by the publishers and not by the library, meaning a threat to access to information, and by extension to democracy. Therefore we need a change."

It is time for library organisations (and the politicians) to take action and to advocate for more rights in the increasing market of e-books before it is too late. 

    EBLIDA suggest therefore at the annual meeting today :
    1. A memorandum of understanding whith the Federation of publishers for "Fair licensing Models"
    2. An updating of the copyright regime for e-books, e-lending and e-content in order to enable libraries to continue to perform their services for all European citizens. 

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