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Lyon Declaration on Access to Information and Development #WLIC2014

Today the Lyon Declaration launch, at the IFLA conference in Lyonit's about on Access to Information and Development.

The Lyon Declaration calls upon United Nations Member States to make an international commitment through the post-2015 development agenda for the Sustainability Development Goals to ensure that everyone has access to, and is able to understand, use and share the information that is necessary to promote sustainable development and democratic societies. It was prepared by IFLA and a number of strategic partners in the library and development communities.

         development requires access to information, and the skills to use it effectively

The Declaration states clearly that access to information supports development by empowering people to:
Exercise their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights
Learn and apply new skills
Make decisions and participate in an active and engaged civil society
Create community-based solutions to development challenges
Ensure accountability, transparency, good governance, and empowerment
Measure progress on public and private commitments on sustainable development.

I think it is important that libraries marks that they play an important role in a sustainability development, but also a more democratic world.

Read the Declaration.

For me, Lyon Declaration is natural follow on IFLA trend report, which was published last year. The report I have written a lot about since see.
Hent den danske version af IFLA Trend Report
Today we also shall discuss the IFLA Trend Report, and how we further develop themes that contribute to a strong information society and in which libraries play a role, such as: the high value of literacy and information literacy skills; incorporating local content into creativity, entrepreneurship and publishing; and citizen and multi-stakeholder participation in civic engagement and the transformation of societies.

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