mandag den 13. juli 2009

Redefining the Library in Political Context, the Danish Experience

Making the political decision makers understand, promote and finance these changes.

I have made a presentation on ALA Annual Conference in Chicago.

From the program:
“The new director of The Danish Library Association, Mr. Michel Steen-Hansen, gives a short introduction to The Danish Library Association based on a special association structure with local politicians as well as library professionals on the Council.

A main theme of this introduction will be to what degree political consensus is needed in this kind of organizational setup.

The Danish Library Association is organized on the basis of a number of local associations working on regional level. These local associations elect representatives to the Council of the National association. The Council elects from within its members an Executive Committee with ten members including a president, who is always a politician, and two vice presidents, one a politician and the other a library professional.

Michel Steen-Hansen will then introduce some current issues in focus,
including free an equal access in the modern society and some new programs
at the Libraries Denmark

Speakers: Michel Steen-Hansen, Executive Director, Danish Library Association

See my PowerPoint

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