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We believe in International cooperation - Nordic library meeting in Copenhagen

In the Nordic library organizations we believe that international cooperation can create a better world. That's one of the reasons why we meet once a year, with all the other Nordic countries. To discuss how we can strengthen cooperation between libraries i the Nordic Countries for the benefit of people and society.
(And I don't mention Trump at all)

This year we meet in Copenhagen and have a series of presentations and discussions, which you can see more about here.

Thursday 18 January 2018

13.00        Welcome by Steen B. Andersen, President DLA

13.30        Danish Study: Digital Library Strategies, 2017 FIND THE ENGLISH REPORT HERE
Lotte H Dhyrbye, Head of The Danish Think Tank – Libraries of the Future 
14.00 what’s up: The Danish E- and Audiobook Solution
Mikkel Christoffersen, 

14.30         Debate – Similarities & Differences in the Nordic Countries

15.30        Digital-Single-Market - Copyright Status & EBLIDA
Steen B. Andersenpresident of the Danish Library Association

16.00        Debate – what to do now?

17.00        End of meeting

Friday 19 January 2018

09.00        Brief Country Reports
Finland has made: "Bibliotekens ekonomiska effekter"
Rapporten i korthet
Rapporten redogör för de ekonomiska effekterna av Finlands allmänna bibliotek. Utredningen gjordes på uppdrag av Finlands biblioteksförening och Finlands svenska biblioteksförening och har fått stöd av Stiftelsen för kommunal utveckling, Axiell Finland och Finlands biblioteksstiftelse. Rapporten publiceras den 7 juni 2017

The Danish Think Tank launched a European project The Economic Impact of Public Libraries in autumn 2015.
The aim of the projects is to share experience and knowledge on new ways of demonstrating impact and value of European libraries and address political key messages to politicians at both national and European level about the economic value of public libraries

Reading Culture & Joy of Reading Among Danish Children
As the largest supplier of leisure reading, the libraries have an immense potential in making a social difference by promoting children's motivation for reading. Studies show that reading literacy not only promotes reading ability, but also the general ability and desire for learning. New quantitative and qualitative knowledge will be developed in the field, which takes into account the digital development and children's changed media reality.

With more than 9.000 pupils from to 7th grade participating in the study it is the most extensive study on the subject. The goal is to actively collect knowledge and develop that can strengthen the libraries own practice in the field, in collaboration with the public schools. The project is conducted in collaboration with Copenhagen Libraries, National Centre for Reading and the Research Center Læ
Language: Danish - se more 

Island has got a e-book lending system - se it here 

10.30        IFLA Global Vision & Focus – Debate
Knud Schulz and Torbjörn Nilsson introductions 

11.30        IFLA 2018 in Kuala Lumpur –
Fri.24 Aug. to Thur.30 Aug.
(only Libr. Visits)
                      (IFLA 2018 dates do not follow the regular pattern)
                 Nordic Caucus Friday 24 Aug., organizer DLA
                 Lunch Meeting Saturday 25 Aug.?, organizer?

11.45        Next Meeting & Any Other Business

12.00        Lunch – Danish Smørrebrød 

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