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The Danish libraries, the Association, the think tank and The Economic Value

Today we have visitors from a Turkey.  Therefore, we have made a presentation of the Danish Library Association and our special organization's structure. We will also present the Danish think tank Future Libraries and their study Economic Value of Public Libraries 

Danish Library Association
Danish Library Association has a special association structure of library professionals as well as local politicians on the Council. The President is always politicians and local politicians always constitute the majority.

I think this mix of politicians and library professionals Works in a constructive way. Because the professionals inspire the politicians and the politicians give a good insight into how we need to prioritize. And other times it functions inversely.

So I hope we also in the future will be able to get this symbiosis to function and that local politicians want to put as much thought into the matter and will work in our Board, like they do today.

See the presentation

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Libraries of the Future – Knowledge, debate and Network

The Danish Think Tank has the ambition to:

• Produce knowledge, analysis and cross-disciplinary activities about the future role of the libraries

• Generate professional, public and political debate and awareness of the role of libraries now and in the future

A bottom-up initiative
The Danish libraries face many challenges such as digitalization and changes in expectations and demands on both physical and digital services; lack of public awareness of library services, changes in library user behavior, lack of political awareness and changes in the role of the librarian. The Think Tank was initiated by the Danish Library Association (DB).

The Think Tank is a two-year project, started October 2012, and co-financed by the participating libraries, library organizations and central library players

The Economic Value of Public Libraries

The Danish Think Tank Libraries of the Future & Copenhagen Economics has conducted the first study on the economic impact of the Danish public library. The Danish public libraries provide multiple services to the Danish public today, which overall seems to be well received by the public. However, the contributions are often measured in terms of library use (e.g. how many books
were borrowed) and user satisfaction surveys, which are far from adequate when we want to discuss the role libraries play in modern society. This study digs deeper and provide the first assessment of the economic value of the public libraries in Denmark.

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