onsdag den 1. oktober 2014

International Follow a Library Day on Twitter #followalibrary

Selvom man kan blive mæt af dage, synes jeg  Follow a Library day er en sjov lille event som har har kørt en 4-5 år på twitter. Ideen er meget simpel

Followalibrary on twitter on Oct 1st
What would happen if each person on twitter would mention his or her favorite library there? One definite outcome would be: the enormous amount of positive attention to this great sector. And for this reason October 1 2010 has been declared the follow a library on twitter day. Well respected names from the international library community, such as Michael Stephens and David Lee King have ackowledged their participation in promoting the special event..
How does it work?
Participating is very simple: tweet on October 1st what your favorite twittering library (or libraries) is (or are). Use in your tweet the hashtag (or keyword) #followalibrary.
Get your users to follow your library’s news and tweets.

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